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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Different Kind of Woman

After focusing on Sarah for so long, it was with real pleasure that I read this take on another woman in the limelight right now--Michelle Obama. Have you noticed that she continues on with her life even as she supports her husband? Unlike Cindy McCain, she is not needing to establish herself as an appendage of her husband. Does John go any place with out Cindy? Sometimes I wonder if she is there to prop him up in the event his body fails him--a not unreasonable concern given his age and health history.

Anyway, link to the article on Michelle--it will leave you feeling good! What a First Lady she would make!

Michelle Obama is tall, smart, funny, relaxed and basically so glowy and poised — if she's attractive in pictures, she's flat-out gorgeous in person — that it almost seems as if she already is the First Lady.

Obama'a a lucky man!
by Curtis Sittenfeld

We women need more like her.


Judith in Umbria said...

Jane, I am very much hoping to get the opportunity to learn much more of her. From here, you must know, it is hard to get more than a surface look.

Anonymous said...

Jane, I was very impressed when I watched Michelle Obama on the View back in the summer.
She is an asset, a great role model to her girls and supportive of her husband.
She was straight forward when answering the questions asked of her.

The vote is coming up soon.

Jane said...

June, you are so right on! Did you see her last night on Larry King? Or do you get him in Canada?