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Monday, September 29, 2008

What Would the Elephants Do?

My husband just asked me what the Grand Ole Party would do if McCain became ill before November 4. Would Palin become the presidential candidate?

Don't think so!

Then why do they feel that she would be fine if something happened to McCain after claiming the White House?

Of course, it will not be a McCain/Palin White House so it's all moot.

On another note: Just heard Sarah make a disparaging, mocking comment about Biden's age. One more proof that she is a dingbat. McCain is seven years older than Biden. Does she think or is it that she can't?


Anonymous said...

Er...or moot. We wish it was mute!


Jane said...

Oops, Donna--but then, as you say, either will do. I guess I would like to just push the mute button. I will fix it.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a scary thought!

Kim said...

Jane, I just wanted to tell you I've passed the link for your blog on to many friends who are enjoying it immensely (sp). Also, my aunt works in the Poly Sci department of a University and I asked her the same question; she's bringing it up when she gets back to work on Thursday and I'll report back what she says.

Jane said...

Kim, I'm honored that you would do that and glad that your friends are enjoying it. And...I can't wait to hear your aunt's report. It is such a interesting question.

Tonight I'm posting a much nicer entry on a role model woman---Michelle Obama. It's quite a contrast.

BTW--have you noticed how McCain is never without Cindy?

Chiocciola said...

Thanks for another great post, Jane! I am reading all of them! What a depressing and crazy situation. Palin's expectations are so low now that if she says one coherent sentence on Thursday the Republicans will declare her the winner...

Kim said...

Okay - here's her answer:

After speaking to a number of American field political scientists here
is what happens. If McCain dies The Republican National Committee gets
to choose whoever they want to run. Palin has no right to become the
presidential candidate unless chosen by the RNC and she can be removed
at any time as the Vice-Presidential candidate.

It seems when we vote in a national primary we don't really have much of
a say. The National Committees have the right to change the candidate
even if that candidate wins the primary (it hardly ever happens but it
happened when Humphrey ran in 1968 after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated
a number of Democrats ran in the primaries, Humphrey never entered the
primaries yet was selected as the candidate at the convention). It
seems that rules about picking a national party candidate are not in the
Constitution. The only thing it states in the Constitution is that the
Presidential election must take place every four years on the same day.

The Republican National Committee sets its rules for the following
national election four years in advance at the convention (during the
2008 convention the rules were set for 2012). The Democratic National
Committee has no set schedule and can change the rules whenever they want.

At least we don't have to worry about Palin becoming the candidate if
anything happens to McCain before the election.

Jane said...

Kim, thank your aunt for this very cogent answer! Now, do I dare say what my inner thoughts might be?

Snail, thanks for reading. Just under two hours and hopefully we will see self-destruction take place~~I don't think she can compose coherent sentences.

This is so beyond frightening that I really don't believe there is an appropriate word. A woman who can not even provide names of magazines and newspapers that she reads. How in the world is she informed about anything? McCain is already senile.