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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Encouraging News

The new Washington Post/ABC poll puts Obama at 52%--McCain at 43% among likely voters.
FOX News poll says 43% Obama 39% McCain.

Biden gave a brilliant Foreign policy/security speech this morning. If you didn't hear it, try to find excerpts and print reports of it. It clearly delineates the difference between him and sarah who will not meet the press or give a speech of substance nor one based on her own knowledge and expertise in anything.

Upcoming debate: The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee vs. Russia's Neighbor.


Palin Meets the Press and Answers Questions:

When asked how her meetings went this evening Palin answered, “They went very well” and to another reporter said, “it went great. It went great.” That’s all the press heard from Palin directly today. (or ever) Fox News

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