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Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's Almost THAT Time

46 minutes to go.........

OK--I'm watching the pre-game show on CNN right now. The pundits are pontificating. What should Biden do? What is Sarah going to do?

I think I know.......

Her handlers have filled her up with one-line zingers--mean, nasty and clever. I suspect that she will have very little to add to important concepts and issues other than programmed talking points that she has been able to absorb--maybe better than she had prior to Katie Couric. But, she will deliver the cheap shots well and garner the laughs that make good sound bites in later news casts.

I think that Sarah has proven to be mean and very unJesus like. This is wrong for a professing born again Christian. It is an example of the religious right rather than the believer. It is the hypocrisy that people see in those who profess Christ as Savior.

Biden? What will he do?

I hope he is calm, issue driven, a statesman. I hope that the man who has ridden the train home every night for 35 years to be with his children and wife will be seen as a man of values and commitment. I hope the person who quietly speaks at his son's deployment this week without calling in cameras and press will be seen as a man secure within himself--a man who gives his family an undivided self rather than using the family for personal ambition.

I hope that his intelligence, his knowledge, his experience, his beliefs, his vision for the United States of America are seen as real, admirable and wanted. I hope he is seen as a person who can lead us if the need arises. His opponent, regardless of what she says, is clearly not such a person.

I hope he does not get sucked into the Palin meanness. I hope he wins.

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