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Friday, September 26, 2008

Conservatives--Seeing Palin as She Is

Best line of the week:

If BS were currency, she (Sarah) could bail out Wall Street herself.
-----Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker is a conservative columnist in the National Review. Up until now she has supported and held on to hope for Sarah. She is now asking Palin to bow out for the sake of the country.

Palin Problem by Kathleen Parker

Be sure to see the fun video in the post below.


Terry (teaberry) said...

All I can say is wow. Jane, thanks for all your informative and eye-opening posts. I love reading them.

Jane said...

Thanks, Terry. I'm rather obsessed right now. Probably loosing many of my regular readers.

girasoli said...

Interesting! I bet even more will flee after the debate next week.

Chiocciola said...

I read this earlier today and promptly put it on my facebook status. When even someone like Kathleen Parker says this, you know it has to be bad! The Katie Couric interview was just the most incredible thing. I am impressed at Couric for staying focused and respectful the whole time!

Diana said...

Jane...I am starting to think, wow, she is so in over her head, she herself must be starting to cringe when watching herself on TV. It's painful and unfair to have put her in this position. McCain is a not a person whose judgment can be trusted - on matters of the economy, or on matters of who he surrounds himself with.

I came out and criticized her heavily in the beginning. But way back then (what, three weeks ago) I thought she was a danger because of what she believed. Now I think she is a danger because of what she is completely clueless about, namely life outside her very small and limited box.

She is not intellectually curious. Young people who have passports are the "them" to her, and young people who work are the "us" and the two groups are different cultures, in her mind. She has formed her opinion of foreign countries by studying journalism in 5 colleges.

And there is her platform, which includes making rape victims in Alaska pay for their own rape testing kits. That is akin to making robbery victims pay for the police lifting fingerprints from their homes, only much more of a violation and much more horrible.

Her reactionary, anti-anything-to-do-with-real-equality beliefs, coupled with her complete incompetence make a very dangerous soup.

She is, in fact, highly qualified to be a great hockey mom, and perhaps mayor of a small conservative town. She was already promoted beyond her abilities when she got elected governor. Someone needs to act now to put an end to this madness. I hope she is enough of an American to see this herself and bow out gracefully.

Jane, you are a star for staying on subject with this. Keep it up, my friend. Every reader to sees these posts is more success.

Kim said...

Well, Jane, you may be losing regular readers (though I doubt it) but I bet you're picking up some new ones. Thanks for the link to this article; I've forewarded it on to a bunch of people.

Jane said...

Diana, wow! What a comment! A whole blog entry in and of itself. Yes, the rape kit thing is incomprehensible. It alone should stop the female vote for them. I've been thinking of writing about it on the blog along with the fact that she is stopping all of her people from testifying in Alaska. Would innocence require that? Don't think so. Along with being monumentally unprepared for higher office, she is a crook.

Kim, hope you're right!

Diana said...

Sorry, I got carried away :) :) :)

Jane said...

Diana, so am I.