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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The World is Watching Us Fall

Yes, we have managed to bring down the world's economies--of course, they were ready to fall or it would not have been so precipitous--but the misguided, perhaps criminal, performance of our government and the unparalleled greed of the corrupt, narcissistic men of "Wall Street" have redefined what and who we are as a country and in the process destroyed untold lives.

However, in my mind, worse than this monumental economical disaster is the ethics and character decline being so clearly and definitively demonstrated by McCain and Palin. Markets will eventually rebound and the economy will once again be strong but a country divided by hate, one where office seeking aspirants build their base by not just building on but actively creating divisiveness among people will lose its moral leadership of the world and decline will follow.

McCain's Chilling Dance With Death Washington Post.com

Rage Rising on the McCain Campaign Trail

McCain Lets the Dogs Off the Chain

The rest of the world is watching and judging and abhorring our behavior. Some may say "but other countries do worse things." The difference is that we have always stood for more in both our eyes and the world's eyes. Therefore, more is expected.

Obama is a Traitor Cry McCain Supporters The Independent World--London

The Tragedy of This Flawed Hero--John McCain

McCain Unleashes the Attack Dogs Germany Spiegel International

McCain Gives Beat to the Dark Heart of Conservatism Guardian UK

There are more and as I have time, I will link to them.

In the meantime, I just read that Palin is claiming that Obama is putting ambition above country. This coming from the sidekick to the man who has clearly, without question, been doing this for the last month--beginning with the selection of her very own self as his mate.

Also, I was very happy to read that HER campaign headquarters have cleared her of any wrong doing in Troopergate. With that, we all now know that she is an honest woman who does not use private e-mail for government business, did not use her powers of office to try to intimidate a government employee into firing her ex-brother-in-law and did not allow the First Dude access to confidential personnel files. Now---let's see what the report of the true investigation reveals.


Judith in Umbria said...

It is not the first time.

The first time I came to Italy "Last Tango in Paris" had recently been released here and we were mid-Watergate. I was supposed to understand and explain both.

I arrived here to live 18 November 2000-- after the election but before a winner was declared. I was supposed to explain both that and why a Black general Italians like hadn't won.

Then the Iraq war started in spite of protests by millions all over Italy and other allied countries.
I was supposed to explain how that happened, too.

When Bush won in 2004 I thought of running away to Hungary or Argentina, because I don't know how to explain these madnesses.

We are always falling on our faces, slipping on banana peels and dragging others into rat traps behind us and I can't explain any of it.

Besides I never even saw Last Tango in Paris.

Jane said...

But Judith, this time I believe that the lives of candidates are being jeopardized and violence encouraged by the lack of condemnation.

cmvbbay said...

Jane, here's a link to a "Rolling Stone" article that I read earlier this week. Some rough language so be forewarned.


I admire you and what you've been writing in your blog. It's one of the first blogs I read daily. Don't always agree with everything but politically am on the same page.



Jane said...

Chris, thanks for writing and welcome. Where do you hail from?

girasoli said...

Great post and links. I used one of them on the post I did tonight.

I started reading the 263 page report of the Branchflower Report. I am only on page 29. It is very interesting! Of course McCain has already dismissed the decision.

Jane said...

Susan, you're actually going to read it? I'm impressed.

cmvbbay said...

I am a slow traveler, lurk mostly, post rarely, and follow a number of blogs - Palma, Kim, you, Diva. My husband and I visited Italy together in 2005 and have another trip planned for 2009. I'd had several trips prior to 2005; it was his first. We live in Washington State, very close to the Canadian border, relocating from California 2 years ago.

I also read Dooce and have seen what can happen when she opens comments on a politically-related post - the vitriol and hate is painful to read.

My spouse and I were both raised Catholic. He still has his faith; mine disappeared when I was a teenager. His views are a bit more politically conservative than mine. I respect and support everyone's right to religious and political personal beliefs.

I know and work with a number of Christian people who are supporting McCain and Palin. Obviously we don't discuss these matters at work.

It's just nice to find some like-minded women who are sanely discussing these issues with a common sense attitude.

Jane said...

Chris, thanks for introducing yourself. I always enjoy hearing from people who read this blog as I appreciate the fact that they do--often wonder why, though.

You seem to love Italy as we do. What a wonderful place it is.

As I write (being an avid multi-tasker) I'm watching Obama on CSPAN with a rerun of his speech in Philadelphia today. He is so impressive.

The encouraging fact for me is that some of my friends who have always, always voted republican and would be classified as religious right are voting for Obama this time. They don't say it loudly, though.