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Friday, October 17, 2008

L A Times Endorsement--Worth the Time to Read

This is an excellent, well-reasoned endorsement of Obama as a man and as the future president. I wish that those who are not voting for him would read it so, at least, when he wins they can be hopeful and supportive.

Barak Obama for President the LA Times Endorsement

Be sure to continue to play the Sarah Palin Interactive game below as new things are being added to it daily--it seems. Joe the Plumber's truck is now making an appearance.


Terry (teaberry) said...

THanks for sharing that article, Jane.

Vicky said...

That was an excellent article.

I can't find "Joe the plumber"'s truck--what do you have to click? I personally love the dinosaurs roaming thru the Rose Garden.

Jane said...

Vicky, Joe is hard to find. In fact, I am not sure how to do it. It may be that he appears on his own or maybe one of the other things triggers it. He shows up in the right window so make sure that shade is open. Kim told me you click something by the phone but I can't figure out what. Keep trying.