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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off to the Big Apple

I am excited! Sometimes it is just good to be with women friends--no men allowed. Can't say that I have ever really done this before except for conferences or a day trip or...the time I traveled Italy by myself for 10 days. Need to do that again one of these days. I found that although I missed Ken and home, I really enjoyed the adventure and freedom of accountability to no one except me. Moving from place to place and meeting up with friends was quite liberating.

So Thursday morning I take off for 5 days in NYC with several friends coming from various places--Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida and then me all the way from SoCal. It will be fun. Several of us are staying at the same hotel--which we hope is bedbug free. (Note: need to remember to keep luggage off the floor.) When I called to ask what they had done about bedbugs, it was as if I were from another planet--bed bugs? We don't have bed bugs. Sure hope not.

Our plans revolve a lot around food. In fact the impetus of the trip is to visit Eataly, the US mecca of the famous food emporium in Torina, Italy. You may think you have been to a foodie haven somewhere but all else pales against Eataly--particularly if you are an Italy0phile. In fact, this is sort of appeasing myself for having missed a trip to the real place in 2010, the first year I've missed Italy since 2000. I am homesick.

Opening Day at Eataly New York

Our homage to food includes:
  • Friday lunch: Esca--Mario Batali's Southern Italian Seafood Trattoria.
  • Friday Dinner: Spice Market--Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Asian inspired cuisine. I've eaten at several of his restaurants over the years and they are wonderful regardless of the focus. Can't wait.
  • Saturday Noon: A walking tour of Greenwich Village, stopping at several eateries for tastings.
  • Saturday Dinner: Italian meal, of course. Pepolino. Reviews are excellent and it sounds like it will be fun and not stuffy. A time to enjoy and laugh with friends.
  • Sunday: Breakfast at the Grey Dog, a walk through Chelsea Market and then off to Eataly where we will wander, roam and, of course, have lunch. My big question is: What will the quality of the gelato be?
And... that is the end of the food orgy, I think. Sunday night most people head home but a couple of us are staying for a night at the theater. We are going to Fela which promises to be a rip-roaring, loud, fun evening of music and dance encompassing a moving story. Can't wait.

Going to NYC and not shopping seems a travesty but, that will be another time. This is a time for fun, laughter, sharing and caring. I promise to post pictures worthy of culinary envy.


barb cabot said...

I'll be thinking of you everyday! Have a wonderful time. I'm so-oo jealous!

Diane said...

Sorry I'll miss you. We're still in South Carolina but will be heading to NY in two weeks. We'll have to try Eataly (we're homesick too!). Another highly recommended restaurant is DINOSAUR up in Harlem (an easy walk from the west side's #l subway's 125th street stop). I dream about it and will be taking Pio and Dante there for sure. It's BBQ and to die for! You might not be able to fit it in on this trip, but if you find yourself with an open slot, consider it. Have fun!!

Trekcapri said...

Hi Jane, your trip sounds like so much fun with great food, great friends and a night at the Theatre. I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your trip.

Safe travels and have a wonderful time in the Big Apple.

nancyhol said...

Oh, Jane, you are going to have such fun! Please do post photos when you get back so we can all share in your adventure.

Oh, by the way, we would love to have you on the GrapeHops tour to Venice next May!

Jane said...

Nancy, I would love to go, too, but....we are going there this summer for a few days. We will be in Italy for about 7 weeks--most of the time in Greve with a few short trips. I know you will have a really fantastic time with Kim and Shannon.