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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Verona and the Opera

Well, if you are on Facebook, you know now that Verona was a bust. Romeo and Juliet is a Shakesperean fantasy and Casey hated the opera! Why else go to Verona? Well, there was good food and Piazza Bra fascinated the twelve year old. Why would you name a piazza after women's underwear?

In a delusional state, I had thought that Aida, performed in the ancient Roman amphitheater, with all of its spectacular aspects--live animals, tomb deaths, armies, dancing, sphinx and other accouterments of Egypt (where we will be in December) would be enough to offset the arias but, it just didn't work out that way. Now I wonder why I thought it would.

To begin with, the opera did not begin until 9:15 when Casey was already ready for pillow time. Then, with intermissions, it was not to be over until 1:00 am.

Some time during Act 3, Casey informed me that "this is the most boring thing I have ever done." So, hearing the plantiff notes in his voice, when the lights next went up, Ken took Casey back to the hotel and I stayed on. So much for that cultural experience. Suggestions on what to try next?

R and J is a full-time business in Verona, though. Everyone crowds into the little viale where Juliet's "Romeo, Romeo...." balcony projects. For some reason beyond my understanding, people jostle their way forward to get a picture cupping a hand on the breast of Juliet's statue.

And....right there is the Romeo and Juliet shop where you can get red or white or pink or any combination thereof Juliet and Romeo embroidered pillows, towels, etc. with which to decorate your home, back home. (We bought several in contrasting color motifs.)

There was one momentous event to be shared about Verona...Casey finally became a true Italian male. Can you see in this picture why this is

We did enjoy wandering the streets and the fortress and had two very good meals there--at Osteria da Ugo and at Risotanti Greppia.

Coming up....Mystical, magical Venice

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Anonymous said...

Well I am glad that you enjoyed the Opera. As others have said on FB, Casey is likely to think differently about the experience in years to come - even if he is never an Opera Fan.

Susie L said...

I am so enjoying your blog posts!

Shame about the opera. I would have thought Aida would be a perfect introduction to opera. I saw Aida in San Francisco with Pavorotti and it was magical!

sandrac said...

Oh my goodness, Jane, Casey really has the Italian guy pose down pat!!!

It's too bad about the opera, but I hope you enjoyed it? I'd love to see an opera in Verona -- even just for the overall experience.

Chris said...

I like his bag. He looks so tall.

Verona is lovely. We always have to have a Quintarelli Valpolicella when we are there.

Rebecca said...

Ahhhhh....the man purse:)

girasoli said...

I'm glad you got to experience an opera there. I can't imagine a more magical place. Too bad Casey didn't like it. Maybe it's the age? I personally liked Nabucco more than Aida (the only two operas I have seen - both in Verona).

sabauda said...

I'm with Casey on this. The Arena is just about the last bastion of opera as an atrophied relic, mired in ancient performance/production styles from the 50's. Plus R&J - imho one of the most boring operas of all time.... at least Aida has great music.

Next time Casey wants to dip into opera, (which might be never.... and I wouldn't blame him!), I could make some suggestions to you guys about where to see opera in contemporary, meaningful, exciting, thought-provoking productions. AND great music making, which also imho, happens very rarely these days at the arena.

cari saluti to you all,


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