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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday--June 19, 2011--Sant'Antonio

On the way to dinner...

Nico, Filippo, Sofia and Casey.
Casey and the children have known each other since he first came here in 2003.

Last night was a fun, fun evening. Nico and his children, lovely Sofia and adorable Filippo, joined us for dinner at A Gambe di Gatto on the Corso. Elena, our friend--Nico's wife--the childrens' mama--is ill and so wasn't able to come. We missed her a lot.

I can say this is our new favorite restaurant in Montepulciano. It is small with only 7 tables. Manuale started us with tasting 10 different wines after which we selected the wine we wanted with dinner. Later he brought 7 oils to the table for us to choose one for our salad. At the end of the night, he presented the children with bags of gourmet cookies.

Filippo, Sofia, twin cousins from Rome, and Casey. It is such fun to watch Casey morph into an "Italian ragazzo." No one watching or listening would think that he is an American boy.

More Sant'Antonio...

The horse stable in days of yore...now the venue for famous Wednesday night banquets.

Sant'Antonio is magical...just ask anyone who has been here.

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Sheena said...

Jane, Isn't A Gambe di Gatto fabulous! Terry and I went last year for the first time (on Pokey's recommendation) and LOVED it - especially the wonderfully energetic young couple who run this little restaurant with no help at all.

The food and service are top notch.

All of the children look so grown up - makes me feel old.

jan said...

I'm enjoying following your trip.
What did you eat at the restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Dinner sounds great - I'll add it to my list for when we are in Pienza in October.

Rebecca said...

It's going on my list, too! I loved seeing the pictures of all the kids. Can't wait until next June.

sandrac said...


Anonymous said...

Always assumed that we would return to Cretaiole, but might have to give SA a try. Food looks yummy.