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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Right now it's weather--specifically Washington DC--more specifically Washington DC on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

Yesterday I posted a dismal scenario for the BIG day. Consequently, I spent the rest of the day freezing in sunny So. Cal. with icebergs masquerading as hands....and that was just thinking about standing 5 hours in a wind chill factor of 18ยบ with snow.

So, I just checked again and am confused. This is what I find:
  1. Intellicast..........38/30 Sunny
  2. MSN.................46/28 Clear (think I'll believe this one.)
  3. Weather.com....38/30 Sunny
  4. Accuweather.....27/12 Clouds and some sun
The good news is that snow is out---for now. The question is: Are any of these close to accurate? It seems to me that they simply demonstrate the uselessness of extended forecasts. Right?

So, an intelligent person would stop obsessing and read a book. I am an intelligent person--so I'll read a book--for a while, anyway.


Vicky said...

Jane, you make me laugh! Long-range forecasts are close to useless at least anywhere other than in California. What we do seem to know is that there is a prolonged cold spell coming up, and that's it. I speak from experience: you can only obsess so far about the weather, and then let it do what it's gonna do.

Jane said...

You're right--I can't control this at all and that is what is frustrating. I LIKE TO BE IN CHARGE! Doggone it! Oh well. I'm reading Casey a book about George Washington so that he is ready for our trip to Mt. Vernon.

Chiocciola said...

I have seen 38 several places - but whether it is 38 or 32 or 45 won't make a huge difference. In any case, DO NOT read the "feels like -30" stuff, that will just make you feel bad! The wind is usually not bad here and you will be packed in with lots of people!!