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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Night History Was Made



Melissa Keith said...


Diana said...

INDEED!!!! My relief is just huge. I am completely spent.

We have a new President. Life is wonderful.

sabauda said...

We stayed up all night watching 7 and a half hours of live coverage on italian tv, and weeping with joy! La vita e' bella veramente!

Kathy (Trekcapri) said...

Hi Jane, I totally agree and it was done in great style and grace.

Amy B said...

One of my friends emailed me last night, "It's morning in America." Hooray for the new dawn!

Anonymous said...

Someone likened this moment in history to man's landing on the moon, "One giant step for mankind!"
I was thinking of you and esp. CASEY last night.
Barb Cabot

Annie said...

Isn't this the best?

Yes, we did!

I can't stop smiling!

Terry (teaberry) said...

Jane, Ken, & Casey,

How happy a day is this, and the hope for our future and our childrens' future has been relit.

And, as Paul Krugman said, "The monsters are gone"

anne said...

Hallelujah indeed!!
A friend of mine from British Columbia says she "is glad to have her faith in humanity restored - thanks America!"

Jane said...

Melissa, Diana, Lauri, Kathy, Amy, Barb, Annie, Terry, Anne

Yes, it is a wonderful time. Tears still come at times. Now, we must pray for Obama's safety and wisdom as he approaches the incredible tasks facing him.