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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Comedy Routine Part II

Of course, it is not comedy. It is high drama with a Halloween twist. Palin as vice-president of the United States of America should be found only in a Steven King novel (of which I have read none but hear are very, very out of the pale scary.)

Yesterday I mentioned her critical understanding of the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights. It seems that hers have been abridged by the negative and critical comments of Miss Princess which have found there way into the press.

I refer to her as Miss Princess as apparently that is the way she perceives herself. In the olden days royalty could order "off with his head" Certainly anyone who opposed the king did not look forward to a long life--maybe flaying alive was a deterrent to opposition. Miss Princess seems a throw back to those eras.

Then there have been more than a few dictators who have not allowed a free press or opposition to their misbegotten, evil ideas. We need only to look to the twentieth century to find some of the worst in all of known history.

So, Miss Princess is now aligning herself with this camp; although, even these most evil of people would laugh at her. She sounds more a crybaby than a threat--except evil, weak people have a way of overcoming sometimes.

The ignorance of the meaning of the constitution or the sense that she is above the constitution is beyond frightening in that in a few short days she could be the vice-president of our country and maybe president within the next 4 years. Do you think Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, et al, ever, in their wildest nightmares, conceived of this? Not only a woman, but a dumb one?

A friend sent me a link to an opinion piece on her statement about the abridgment of her rights. It is a good read.

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