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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Self Talk--How Useful Is It?

I haven't spent much time in life talking to myself. Such moments have pretty much been confined to self-recrimination when I've done something monumentally idiotic or when someone else has--like the driver in front of me. Of course, then, I am talking to him but he doesn't hear me. How could he with the mobile stuck to his ear?

Lately, though, I find myself in one way conversations much of the time. Not that I realize it right away. In fact, it may be hours before I make the discovery. It's the 12 year old in the house syndrome which I am becoming reacquainted with after a 28 year hiatus. How could I have so completely forgotten those days? Willingly, I think.

These dialogues go something like this....Casey, you need to pick up all that stuff from the floor....Yes, you can do it while you watch TV but make sure you get it done. (My mistake, I know.) Not until bedtime when I go back to that part of the house, do I discover that the only thing he heard was...you can watch TV.

Did I imagine the earlier conversation? Well, in a way, yes....it wasn't a conversation, was it?

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Diane said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one have one-way "conversations". It's amazing their powers of concentration at times (on the tv show), isn't it? The flip side of the distractibility coin in our case, I think. Don't know how to explain it in Casey's case...ah, the next few...ten? years should be fun!

Jane said...

Diane, yep, we are in for a ride but my past experience tells me that it goes faster than it seems at the time. And yes, the total ability they have not to hear anything when they prefer not to.