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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beer Cupcakes?

In Italy we have a favorite small local enoteca, Enoteca Fuoripiazza, where we go when at the last minute I decide that cooking just isn't in the cards that night. The food is simple but always fresh. Luca and his crew take good care of us. It is low key, relaxing and comfortable. Oops, almost forgot to mention that their  wine selection is totally outstanding. We love it there; in fact, can't wait to pop in and see the smiles next summer--and hugs.

So it was a real sense of homecoming when we discovered our own little enoteca not far from us here in San Diego. It's in a very small, neighborhood shopping center--well, center is sort of an overstatement as there is just a specialty grocery store and a handful of other small shops--beauty parlor, cleaners, etc. For years there was a wine shop with a deli counter which we infrequently entered.

Now they have transformed into a great little bistro/enoteca with both inside and patio dining areas. The menu is simple but good, the staff fun and the atmosphere lively. This is combined with their shop which has an incredibly  fantastic wine selection--including several of the wines from the vineyard where we lived in Italy. They have also expanded to offer great craft beers from local breweries.

The name of this place is--drumroll-- KNB Wine Cellars--Grapes, Hops, Fine Food

 So this is now our go-to-place when we don't want fancy, but do want good food and a pleasant, kick back time--when I don't want to cook. Well...if we did this every time I didn't want to cook, we would be there much more often.

Last night we were there and had a chance to talk with Kat, the wine buyer. We mentioned the Viticcio Chianti Classico Riserva which she doesn't stock--but now will. This will make a pretty complete selection of wines from our Italian home which makes us very happy.

Anyway, back to the title of this entry--beer cupcakes. We've eaten here several times now but have always passed on the cupcakes as beer is not my thing and it just didn't sound appealing. Last night, though, we were talked into trying them for dessert with the promise they didn't taste like beer. And, guess what--they are deliciously good and tasty-not at all beery.

I really liked the Stoned Portzilla!! Yummy good. As usual, I forgot to take a picture of these--even though my camera was on the table. Next time!

So, when you come to visit--we'll take you to our new favorite in the hood.


barb cabot said...

Jane this places sounds like our kind of place too. Can't wait to try it...maybe some getaway weekend we can meet you and Ken there. Thanks for posting. By the way I love this photo of you and Ken.

Mindy said...

I'll take you up on your offer the next time I am in San Diego!!! Sounds like a cozy, friendly, and mouth-watering place to hang out with you!!

Shannon said...

This place sounds fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Maybe we need another trip down next year:)

tonystevenson said...

Jane lovely to hear you found a slice of your Italian home near-by. Mentioning beer reminded me of the delicious gelati birra we had in Siena last summer - I was apprehensive before tasting but one lick turned me into s convert. It used Nastro Azzurro which meant it was quite fruity and flavoursome - not at all what I expected (a stale beer flavour)

Jane said...

Tony, fun to hear from you--now come to SD and I'll take you for cupcakes. Will check out the gelato next summer.