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Monday, September 06, 2010

Amboseli-The Last Adventure

Last stop on safari--Amboseli National Park. We really weren't ready for our  grand adventure to end but what can you do? 

What we did was enjoy each moment left to us--savoring each landscape, each sunset, each wildlife sighting. Mt Kilimanjaro shone for us each morning as we opened tent flaps; Masai children greeted us with smiles and song.

We arrived to this wonderland on a small Cessna--just big enough for the pilot and we three. Casey, in the co-pilot's seat, peered out the window at the animals below-not sure that this was all going to end well.

Landing completed this very cool experience as there, in the middle of the bush, was a shack, a vehicle and our driver with cold drinks and treats. Soon a chief from one of the scattered Masai villages arrived on his motorcycle welcoming us to the Amboseli Bush. We were in a world far from our own.

After another 45 minute drive over boulders, bush and ruts, we arrived at our new oasis--Satao Elerai--a beautiful, camp, seemingly arising magically from nowhere. Below us was a water hole being visited by a herd of elephants. Birds filled the air. It was warm and silent and majestic.

 That afternoon we visited a Masai boma (village) which was similar to but different from the Samburu village we had been in earlier on the safari. The huts were a little more refined, the layout a little more communal. Daily life though was about the same--wood gathering, games, school for the children, basket and jewelry making. Life is hard but routine.

Satao Elerai leases its land from the Masai community and works with the villages through The Satao Elerai Community and Wildlife Trust in efforts to protect the wildlife and eco-systems in that area. The trust also provides clothing and medical help to the people of the boma we visited.

The next three days we saw the animals of the bush--elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalo, birds and more. Although we had seen such animals many times by now, the thrill hadn't left. Each new encounter was as awesome as the first time. How can watching an elephant community in their own environment, relating and interacting oblivious to  intruders become boring? No way...........

Does the ethereal beauty of giraffes ambling through trees and bush become mundane? I don't believe the Masai think so.

There was so much we saw, leaving us with vivid kodachrome memories. Here are a few more--samples of what is there. Really, you do need to go--it is unlike any vacation you have had before! This was our second, Tanzania in 2002 and, I think, Botswana will be next.

We worked with Southern Cross Safaris in planning our individual safari; however, they do offer small group safaris, also.

I also recommend Menengai Holidays. Daniel is a delight to work with and offers quality programs.


Terry (teaberry) said...

What an amazing journey. Thanks for bringing us along.

Yes, you have convinced me to place Africa on my bucket list.

nancyhol said...

What an amazing adventure you three had! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

What a pleasure it has been 'travelling' through Africa with you! Your photos are amazing.

I loved the photo of Casey in the so-pilot's seat - now that was an adventure for him that he won't soon forget!

Jane said...

Terry, Nancy and Jerry, thanks for coming with us. It was fun to bring you along. Can't wait to read your blogs WHEN you go. Yes, Jerry, Casey's expression is priceless.

barb cabot said...

I can never get enough of your wonderful photos. A trip of a lifetime.