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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disillusionment Is Oh So Painful

I hate clothes shopping--I think I have shared that before. This was not always the case. For most of my life, at least after having enough money to buy what I liked, it was fun. But...now I hate it. And I know why.

I still like the types of clothes I liked before growing "mature." My tastes have not changed. I liked fun things, things that were catchy, tasteful, a little out of the ordinary.

Not this.........................but.....................Maybe This
So now I see these things and think--"oh, that's me."

And it is...but, that's the inside me, not the outside me. I hate it. Don't people realize that we are who we are inside? I like my mirror before the glasses go on.

I realized that I had lost this battle just the other day.

Not too long ago, when Ken and I asked for the senior discount, there would be a question in the money taker's eyes......"Should I card them?"

Then came the day that the ticket seller asked if we wanted the senior discount. Oh--Oh, not a good sign. We must need more sleep at night.

But, two days ago the final reality hit when we realized that the young clerk had gifted us with the discount without even asking.

Does this mean that granny clothes are now compulsory? Is there no more Red? or Yellow? or Purple? No designer jeans--my favorite dress? This is not good! I am wondering if a burka's not a bad idea. I could still wear what I want under it--who would know? I would still feel like me. Guess I'll go on-line to see what's available. Givenchy? Chanel? Lacroix?


brazitalian8984 said...

Cute...My husband is in the situation, although before he didn't like it...now he does. I love taking him shopping with me since I am a long way for eligibility. Think on the brighter side, slowly more money in your pocket for fun things...BTW, if you find a the discount for Givenchi, let me know...


Jane said...

Sandra, how's Florida (I think?) Sorry--don't know any Givenchi outlets unless its The Mall outside of Florence--maybe there. More money? You forget out 9 year old--eats all the extra $'s up.

Maryann said...

Jane, I've been thinking these same thoughts. Thanks for wording them so well :)

Jane said...

Maryann, you mean it's not just me?

brazitalian8984 said...

Florida is good. I hear California is getting some floods, hope you are not affected. We are actually taking a cruise out of San Diego next weekend.


Jane said...

Sandra, Any chance of seeing you when you are in SD?

Anonymous said...

Ah Jane, you do have a lovely way of expressing what so many of us are feeling as we become “women of a certain age” (I’m still not sure what age that saying refers to). Sometimes as I pass a mirror in my home, I am somewhat shocked that the person I am seeing is really me. Then I remember my grandmother telling me many years ago that she felt like a 20 year old trapped in an 80 year old body. Of course, at the time I thought she was nuts, now I understand.

Mary Pace

Jane said...

Mary Pace, and it doesn't help when there are pictures of the "old" you scattered around the house. I'd put them away but there is always someone else in the picture and it brings back good memories. I used to say I would grow old gracefully, but that was then.

Nancy L said...

I thought it was just me, and yet, I'm just not ready for "grandma clothes". There are times when I just want to throw caution to the wind and wear some wild, wonderful thing.
Nancy L

Jane said...

Nancy, you are up pretty late! Let's just do it and go wild for a change! Tomorrow who will care?