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Friday, March 23, 2007

Chicken Neck Sequel

I should have known not to make light of Collo di Pollo Ripieno--that I would be highlighting my cultural ignorance--something I often get upset about when other people discuss seemingly peculiar aspects of Italy or make generalizations that should not be generalizations. So-of course, I sometimes fall into my own trap. That old "pride cometh before a fall" thing!

This morning in talking with Sara, Nicoletta and Beatrice, I mentioned the chicken head on my plate yesterday. This apparition didn't seem at all strange to them; in fact, they laughed at my reaction and explained that: Collo di Pollo Ripieno is a typical Tuscan dish and is considered quite good. Naturally, the stuffing has many variations, which makes much sense.

The history of this creation comes from centuries of the contindina and master/farmer relationship. Food was usually scarce for farmers as the landlord would take possession of most of the meager crops and livestock. From this grew the need to make use of everything that was edible or could be made edible. Nothing was wasted or thrown out if it could be used for sustenance--including chicken necks.

Now in the 21st century, the subsistence food of stuffed chicken necks is relegated to a prized menu item. Giving one more example of how history has a way of twisting nostalgia into strange shapes--such as the contindinas' old farm houses which are being resurrected into beautifully exquisite Tuscan homes.

So--next time you see Collo di Pollo Ripieno on the menu, give it a try and know you are connecting with history.


J Gardner said...

But did it taste good? You were served this dish in a restaurant, not a museum. Another American ashamed of some perceived social guffaw - hilarious.

Jane said...

Oops--you're right! Forgot all about the tasting part. Since I do not like pate, I wasn't all that impressed. But--someone else might think it is excellent. About the ashamed part--I don't recall feeling ashamed--nor see a social guffaw here. My point is that appreciating differences is one of life's riches and should be seen as such. Plus, finding a chicken head on your plate is rather disorienting to the uninitiated. Wouldn't you agree?

Judith in Umbria said...

More hilarious is someone taking the time to correct someone else's personal experience. Tell us yours, tall us yours.

I do like pate, but not with head attached!

Jane said...

Judith--you are funny!

Daniel said...

"But did it taste good? You were served this dish in a restaurant, not a museum."

Sheesh. Some people should really learn to lighten up.

I really enjoy your blog, Jane. I check it often to see your latest adventures and experiences in Italy. Keep them coming!

Jane said...

Thanks, Dan. Glad you enjoy the blog. And yes--some people are very strange! BTW-Do you read Casey's blog. It can often be quite funny--like his newest about the shower fiasco. There's link to in in my sidebar. Ciao