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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A New Fresh Look

Did you notice? How could you not? Pretty cool, right? I can say that because it isn't my handiwork--but a gift from a good friend.

Pauline Kenny, the creative founder of Slow Travel the web's premier travel community website and its companion message board Slow Talk took over my very sad visual presentation and made it First Class. Please give her a standing ovation!

Now, not only is the blog visually entertaining, but there are little niceties such as hover over links, a redesigned sidebar so that fonts match and more. I am so pleased--and grateful.

If you are a traveler but not yet familiar with Slow Travel, you are missing a travelers's treasure--a free one. Pauline started it 5 years ago with a small, unpolished website where travelers to Italy could share information. Since then she has developed it into a technologically sophisticated resource for travelers to world wide destinations.

We who love to travel know there is no resource more important and reliable than the advice, insights and experiences of fellow travelers--far more dependable than any guide book. And--this is what Slow Travel is all about. People sharing goods and bads, must dos and avoid at all cost experiences. If you have a question, there are always people with the answer--from where to stay in that very out of the way place to how to work your new digital.

There are now thousands of members from around the world sharing trip reports, reviews of restaurants and accommodations, photo albums, travel information, travel tips and, most importantly, friendships. Magazines and newspaper columns frequently seek Pauline's input and reference her site. She has become a leading guru of traveling slow--which means staying several nights or weeks in one location, absorbing ambiance and culture--the antithesis of 15 countries in 15 days.

So--when you plan for the next exciting location, begin with

Slow Travel

You won't go wrong.

As many have learned, half the fun of traveling is in the planning. Slow Travel takes that fun to a new level!

Thank you Pauline for Slow Travel.

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Bryan said...

Looks great - bravo Pauline!