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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't You Just Love Spring?

I do!  And yet, this year we have only teasers. Here in always sunny San Diego, the sun plays a game of hide and seek. Just as I slide feet into sandals, the cold reappears and socks come out once more. Rain has become a thrice weekly uninvited guest.

But...when the sun does shine, how delightful it is. As in today! Sun shadows play in the yard, birds are everywhere, singing their songs, flowers sparkle and boast their colors. Scratch luxuriates in the warmth. Ken plants sunflowers. It is nice. And soon I will go walking.

Sun shadows play in the yard

Birds are everywhere

And here...

Scratch basks in the warmth.

 Flowers drink the sun

 And the water

And the charming humming bird flits from cup to cup

(My Italian friend Chiara, upon first seeing this delightful creature, mistook it for a big bug. They are not in Italy. I wonder if one can be found in Botticelli's Primavera?)

So today is a lovely gift from God and so too will be tomorrow's thunderstorms. 


Jerry said...

Beautiful shots! I know exactly what you mean - spring is such a dichotomy sometimes but when it is warm and new life abounds it is as if all the craziness in the world is gone . . .

Jane said...

Well said, Jerry. You understand!

nancyhol said...

The photos are beautiful, Jane!

I kind of like spring weather - I wish it would stay this cool (even a few showers are OK). The weather is so unusual this year - we even had some snow last week!