God sometimes gives us unexpected gifts. Our gift has been a grandson who enlivens our lives and makes retirement very different than the one we anticipated. He is a special joy. And that's "Casey." In 2006 we fulfilled our dream of living in Italy for a year. It was every bit as wonderful as anticipated. This blog begins in 2005 as we prepared for that experience. Since then we have explored many places together. That's the "Travel." And finally, I am a person of opinions--spiritually, politically, on just about anything and that's the "Other Stuff." Welcome to my blog.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I Need a Vacation

I so want to be somewhere I am not. It's time to do something different, be someplace with new things to see and experience. The truth is that I am bored, restless and ready to move--too much time at home--the same old same old.

Last night I was looking at Puerto Rico, Mexico and Costa Rica. We've never been to Puerto Rico or Costa Rica and there are always new places to explore in Mexico. But...I was looking at Easter week and found that airline prices are sky high--if there were reasonable fares, they are long gone. This includes flyer miles. Cruising sounded good--all the fun without the work. But...friends reminded me that there would be shipfuls of teenagers that week--not relaxing.

So, now we have settled on Las Vegas for a few days. We can drive there--no planes. Southwest is probably reasonable but we would need to rent a vehicle so drive it will be.

Friends pretty well convinced me that Bellagio is the place to stay--after all where can one watch fountains dancing to the music of Andre Botticelli--oops, Bocelli? So I have spent today researching, looking for deals--everyone but me seems to be able to find these. It will be expensive as if one goes to Bellagio, one MUST have a room with a view of the fountains and since Casey will be with us ,we need a room big enough for us and him and still have a modicum of privacy.

A most friendly young woman at Bellagio, told me about a new (this month) all suite resort hotel connected physically and corporately to Bellagio--the Vdara. It is even possible to get suites with views of the performing fountains--of course, the view isn't quite as good as the place next door.

So my dilemma as I write is--Bellagio or Vdara? Vdara is a good practical choice given it has a complete kitchen--gourmet they say--and more space than a simple room. It is a smidge less expensive--well, maybe a couple hundred unless I get the "expensive with lots of room suite." We could have our breakfasts there and maybe lunch--save a few.

But, the rooms at Bellagio look really elegant and those fountains and Andre do sound good. I wonder if all the money I'm saving on no airfare can be applied to one of the large rooms? Think I'll make a decision by tomorrow or as we say in Italy--domani.

While there we'll take in a show or two--the ventriloquist at the Mirage is supposed to be totally amazing and so all three of us would enjoy that--Terry Fator. Do they let minors into the shows? Must find out about that.

Finding things to do should be easy. Maybe a helicopter to Grand Canyon or some such thing. Hoover Dam should interest an 11 year old, don't you think? And... I've been there and done that so I'll be pool side while Ken takes Casey. What a good thought!

So, now I can plan--March is a long ways away but at least it's on the horizon. And, Ken and I can take a quick trip to San Francisco for a dinner or two before then. Thank goodness for Uncle Jeff who loves Casey and will watch him.

Now, I would really prefer to be planning an Italy jaunt which is still on my mind as a solo act. We'll see.


barb cabot said...

I like your style...always thinking about the next vacation. I love Las Vegas despite how some may feel (the i'd rather poke a needle in my eye group). The Bellagio is beautiful thought I've never stayed there. You'll be able to work in Lake Como, Venice and Paris in one trip and never leave the states. Good for you!

Jane--Casey's gramma mom said...

Barb, you are right--we can travel Italy all in one place. Actually, I'm one of the needle in my eye group except every few years LV sounds good. Right now luxurious rooms, good shows and fine food is appealing...but then, when is that not?

Shannon said...

Jane - definitely get the apartment. Restaurants in Vegas can be absurdly expensive - especially the wine. You should bring Casey to the pirate show at Treasure Island... and my favorite restaurant in Vegas is Olives in the Bellagio... I love that place. Are you going right after the Slowtrav GTG?

Jane--Casey's gramma mom said...

Shannon--we'll go March 28 so there will be few days in between. Thanks for the accommodation advice--think I'll take it and the restaurant rec, too--and the show for Casey.

GVMelissa said...


I'd go for the bigger room with the kitchen - and you can skip the view if it adds a lot to the price. The fountain is huge and there is lots of room to stand around it to watch the show.

For an inexpensive meal at some point, try Caesars Palace food court. We had lobster rolls there last year that were WAY better than any we had in Maine and less expensive. We thought that was so funny. Also there is a kind of cool shopping center that is just off the food court. It has the look of old Rome with fountains, statues and cool painted ceilings.

The visitor center at the dam is very cool! We loved it. If you haven't been in a few years it might be updated. Not sure when it was done.

Have fun - can't wait to see your pics and read the blog about your trip.

Jane said...

I have made reservations for the Vdara but didn't do it until last night. By then the cost had gone up by $80. Now I'll watch to see if it goes back down but as it is Easter week I suspect they'll just keep going up. Thanks for the tips, Melissa. And..as Barb said, this can be a cheap trip to wonderful Italy.

nancyhol said...

I love Vegas too, Jane! Sounds like you made a good decision with your room reservation. I will be interested to hear how the Vdara is.

Anonymous said...

Jane, if going to Olives or Steakhouse restaurants (part of Bellagio) call and make reservations in advance.
We stayed at the Bellagio and had the concierge get us in to these fully booked restaurants.
The meals were excellent at both.

Jane said...

Hi Chiaro--thanks for the tips--keep them coming. I suspect though that with Casey we will not do a lot of eating at the "expensive" places. I do want to get to Rosemary's out of town--great reviews. Ended up Vdara suites--next to Bellagio. Checked out the free night coupon but saved a few hundred by going to Vdara--which looks really nice.