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Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Pet Peeves

Yes, I know, this is an unusual topic for me but there are a couple things I need to unload--things that tend to either drive me batty (an old-timers expression), set my teeth on edge or cause dread. You all can feel free to add your thoughts of a similar persuasion in the comments section.

Here goes:
  1. Coffee pots that drip--in fact this is what set me off this morning. I have never had a coffee pot that justs pours coffee into the cup rather than including dribbles on the surface under the cup. I've tried holding the pot up high as my brother suggests, holding it close to the rim, holding the cup up to the pot, etc. Nothing works. Suggestions?
  2. Camera lag time between shots. It seems the perfect photo op occurs before the darn camera is ready. I end up with closed eyes, grim lips, hands in the way or whatever is worthy of deleting. The "burst" technique just doesn't seem to do it right.
  3. Phone calls before I want to wake up. So, now the phones are set not to ring before 6:30 on school days and 8:00 on weekends. Plus...the answer machine is turned off at night. If it's important, those who have it can use my cell phone numbers.
  4. A child that is growing up too fast--¾" in the last 4 weeks.
  5. Computers that freeze for no reason whatsoever. No matter how many times I punch ctrl/alt/del nothing happens. And..forget the esc key--useless.
  6. Family members that can't or won't learn more than how to turn a computer on and open e-mail. No names--(t)he(y) shall remain anonymous.
  7. Neatniks---drawers are meant to put things in--right?
  8. Eleven year olds who know more than I do about simplifying expressions. Did I ever know how to do that? Oh..that's right--algebra. I liked geometry.
  9. Recipes that leave out an ingredient. Although, sometimes it's just that I don't read well.
  10. Friends who are gourmet cooks and can whip up wonderful food and stunning presentations at a moment's notice.
  11. Doctors who make me wait.
  12. Waiters that make me wait.
  13. Oh well, any one who makes me wait.
  14. People who don't wait for me.
  15. Repair people who do not repair.
  16. Clothes shopping for my new non-8 size.
  17. Religious people who knock at my door. I have my own beliefs, thank you.
  18. Websites with music that won't turn off.
  19. Repeated requests from charities--I give what I want, when I want--why can't that be understood?
  20. Robo Calls---I hate them, passionately no matter what they say.
Just had to get back to this list and add #21: Liz Cheney--the new female Limbaugh on the scene.
Ok--your turn now. Make my day a smiling one.


nancyhol said...

I agree with a lot of your 20 items!

Emeril drives me crazy on his older TV shows where he says "Oh yeah babe" about 20 times a program. It is so sexist!

Rebecca said...

Every single one of yours is right on! My top are:
- people who assume I like to be called Becky
- people who can't put their shopping carts away.
- campaign signs all over the place and the junk mail that goes along with campaigns.
- car steros that are so loud that MY car rattles
- people who stand too close to me while I'm checking out of Target, Ralph's, etc.
- know-it-alls

I'll stop now because I need a glass of wine to recover;-)

Anonymous said...

I can especially relate to #'s 17 -21! Adding my own:

People who like to hear themselves talk!



Jerry said...

Great list!

I'll add annoying commuters, hotels that provide free coffee and then powdered creamer, cars that don't heat up in the morning, politicians who forget why they are elected, people who are mean to pets and children . . .