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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Am Tired of Know-It-All Pundits

There is a whole new category of people who thrive on each other and their own positions in the mix. Somehow this gaggle elevates itself to the role of our "most intelligent, perceptive, knowing, intuitive" brothers and sisters, metaphorically speaking, intent on impressing us and holding our thoughts captive to theirs.

It used to be that my dislike was reserved for Rush and Anne; however, it now seems to encompass them all--Wolf, Rachel, Campbell, Chris, etc., etc., etc.--not Keith as he is funny--and all those others who sit around tables, pontificating with righteous certainty of the correctness of their views on everything and anything political--including the appropriateness of Michelle Obama baring her arms.

We are in the midst of great crisis for our Nation. The magnitude and multitude of the problems facing those in Washington and around the country is nightmarish. The success and rightness of the decisions and steps being taken can not and will not be known for a long time. And yet, these pundits, who do not know the complexities and interrelationships of problems let alone the interconnectedness of potential solutions, feel called upon to issue judgments, discuss in detail pros and cons and even offer their own answers.

If someone from inside or outside of the party issues a statement or proclamation of probable failure of an Obama administration's direction or action or implies incompetency, our pundits give credence to such utterance by bringing the perpetrator on the show and elevating obstructionism to the level of viable reasoning. Nay saying is the fall back position for those who seek self vindication, sometimes orchestrating the failure of others rather than attempting reconciliation and partnerships. And our television brethren, believing in their own wisdom, interpret all of this for us.

The reason that all of this upsets me so much is that there has been no action yet taken that has had the time to be evaluated in terms of success or failure. Those in a position to enter homes and speak to the nation via the media should have the responsibility to caution against premature judgments rather than actively validating and encouraging such rushes.

These media people--from funnyman Rush and bizarre Anne to professorial Wolf and loudmouth Campbell--who crown themselves the fonts of wisdom, need to back off or do their jobs right. They are key players in creating distrust, confusion and unrest. Their true shallowness becomes very apparent when on a slow day (if there is such a thing), they resort to discussing the First Lady's appropriateness by how often she bares her triceps and biceps and what she wears to dig the White House garden.

Of course, I could quit watching these people but then it can be fun--not educational or informative but fun--as long as I shrug it all off and form my own opinions which, of course, are spot on!


jmisgro said...

I heartily agree!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that 30 minuites of watching CNN while walking the treadmill at the gym makes me CRAZY! What has happened to good journalism?