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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zdravo from Croatia

Surprise! We have free internet at the hotel in Zagreb, so hello or zdravo!

We just have this one day in Zagreb before starting our road tour tomorrow. Sometime in the future, I'll do a little slide show of what we saw here but did want to share two things that were unexpected.

When we arrived at the main piazza, via efficient tram service, we stumbled upon an International Folklore Festival stage. Imagine our surprise (being from California, bordering on Mexico) to find ourselves watching maybe the most talented Mexican dance and singing troop we have seen--anywhere. I suspect they were from the folklorĂ­co company in Mexico City. The crowd was thoroughly enjoying the very festive performance.

Following this troop was something new for us, making it truly special. A troop from the desert of India. The musicians were very talented, playing instruments of India--not the western world. Their "Butterfly"--a woman dancer--amazed everyone with her speed, dexterity and beauty. I think the entire audience was entranced. The video clip gives a small indication of her grace and delicacy. (Well, the connection was too, too slow to upload the video so this photograph must do. Maybe, I'll try again when there is a better connection.)

This was followed by a Slovenija--Slovinian--folk dance group. They were at a significant disadvantage following the first two nations which presented rather dynamic, exciting performances. This group was very traditional and enjoyable but definitely lacked the vitality of Mexico and the Indian Desert.

Finally, for now, as we were talking down the street, Ken comes to a stand still and says "Look over there!" And.....this is what we saw. I wonder how people knew we were coming?

That's All Folks--for now! I promise to tell about beautiful Croatia soon. Tomorrow we are leaving for Plitvice Natural Park which everyone, literally, has told us is a wonderland.

Oops, one more finally, we just returned from a fantastic dinner at a restaurant friend Ann in Hawaii recommended--Restoran Ciho (Konoba Ciho). We ate downstairs in the "traditional" environment. The waiter Darko was a delight and the food excellent or "tako dobro" in Croatian. Thanks, Ann.

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Terry (teaberry) said...

HA! I love the Ken Parker sign - who knew?

Glad you're both having such a wonderful visit. I thought Zagreb was a neat city, although we didn't stay there near long enough. Enjoy!