God sometimes gives us unexpected gifts. Our gift has been a grandson who enlivens our lives and makes retirement very different than the one we anticipated. He is a special joy. And that's "Casey." In 2006 we fulfilled our dream of living in Italy for a year. It was every bit as wonderful as anticipated. This blog begins in 2005 as we prepared for that experience. Since then we have explored many places together. That's the "Travel." And finally, I am a person of opinions--spiritually, politically, on just about anything and that's the "Other Stuff." Welcome to my blog.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mad Doesn’t Work

So, last night Casey was being a real nine-year-old pain. Bright though he may be, he hates to read. This I can’t understand as reading has been a mainstay of my existence and free time since I was old enough to hold a book. I can’t imagine not having at least one book, usually more, in progress--the fatter the book, the happier I am. Casey, on the other hand, likes them skinny and multiple levels below his reading level. Fortunately, this is changing a little as such books are pretty dull in terms of story line and excitement.

Last night when Casey was told to spend some time reading, I learned that you don’t have to read on weekends. What an interesting concept that is—a new thought! Of course, he had successfully avoided reading on several school nights this week so, in my mind, this was make-up night. We just didn’t see eye-to-eye on this, at all, which resulted in an out-of-proportion battle of the wills. As in most of these situations, no one won. I was mad and he went to bed early and nothing was read. Actually, I lost because I didn’t handle it well at all.

Continuing along this line, this morning I was still a little ticked and didn’t feel like being the warm, cuddly and loving gramma he has grown to love—and I wasn’t. When it was time for Ken to take him early to his Little League game as he was going out the door his last words were, “Gramma, you’re going to come to my game aren’t you?” I sort of growled and gave an undecipherable answer, knowing that I was being much more immature than my years allow for.

Within 3 minutes of the car pulling out of the driveway, the doorbell rang. By the time I opened the door, the DHL truck was pulling away. Looking down I saw a large, long box that could only hold one thing-- flowers—
From Casey to Gramma, Happy Mother’s Day.
And I had just sent him away with a growl. Do we ever learn or are we doomed to keep repeating mistakes?

I went to the game, which I was going to do all along anyway. Casey had two great triples, with 4 RBI’s. He was hot! I like to think it was because he saw Gramma in the stands and he was happy.

Mad is not good and it doesn't work!


Anonymous said...

Life is for learning, grandma. Don't be too hard on yourself. Have a very happy mother's day with Casey :)

brazitalian8984@att.net said...

Have tears in my eyes! Happy belated Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

We have all walked that path as mom's. Your stories always touch my heart and are so relatable. Barb Cabot

Jane said...

Thanks, friends, for the empathy! And Sandra, I'm touched that this brought tears.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as though Casey is a perfectly normal nine year old boy and you a perfectly normal 'Mum':)


Jane said...

Thanks, Sheena, I needed that.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for laughing with me on my blog.
Try this:
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
It's a graphic novel (amazing graphite illustrations) and was a National Book Award Finalist. I didn't even have to ask my 10 year old to read it... in three days he was done.
In other respects I think you're doing the right thing to concentrate on what he enjoys, and don't give up on what is good for him.