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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sophie Rose

In Greve in Chianti, at the end of Piazza Matteotti, is a small artist's studio, L'Inganno, which many people never find and therefore never know that they missed something special--a place where they just might have found a unique Italian treasure for their home. This is where Sophie Rose creates beautiful pieces of art--not the ceramiche, oils and water colors that seem to dominate purchases in Italy but exquisite Trompe L'Oeil inspirations.

Sophie's talents are known to Italians who commission her to decorate the walls in their homes or doors or furniture or wall pieces--whatever they want, Sophie is able to meet that vision.

Just about every Saturday when Ken and I reached the end of the market stalls, we would find ourselves drawn to the little shop--which was frequently closed as Sophie would be off working in the field. We would stand, looking in the window, admiring her work-- eventually deciding that we had the perfect place in our home for something of hers.

We wanted a painting for our kitchen that would integrate the designs of our Italian dishes. When we finally met with her, she asked many questions about the space where the Trompe L'Oeil would hang, the direction from which it would be viewed, the colors of our kitchen and more. We gave her photos of our dishes and wall paper. Sophie creates with purpose, specific to the client and the commission as opposed to having a ready made gallery from which to pick and choose.

Our dishes

We have been waiting for our treasure ever since we left to come back home. Sophie had other commitments to fill before starting ours. Eventually she faxed us a sketch for our approval. We knew it was perfect.

Now she has completed it and it is perfect. We are happy.

Beautiful--Isn't It?
Grazie Mille, Sophie.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! What a treasure to always remind you of your days in Tuscany. We must visit her shop next time we are in Greve. Thanks for sharing. Jill, Larry and Daniela

Jane said...

Thanks, Jill. Yes it is beautiful. How's Daniela these days?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

It was nice to meet you and Ken at Palma's. What a party!!

This is an amazing piece of art -- just beautiful. I can't believe how she matched your dishes. Sophie is obviously a very talented artist. I don't know if you remember me telling you about our problem door and how a piece such as yours would be perfect. We had a lemon tree painted on the hingeless door and then framed it with moulding so it looks like a painting. It's okay but I've never been thrilled with it and I would like to contact Sophie to see if we could commission a piece from her. Would you mind sending me her contact information so I can see if we could work out something.


Jane said...

Hi, Carole--yes, I remember. This is Sophie's website www.dipinto-in-chianti.com
Mobile is 338-6982718. I hope you can work something out with her. I guarantee you will be pleased.

Gil said...

Not only is the painting absolutely beautiful it is unbelievably amazing what she did with your photos.

Janie said...

What a wonderful piece of art-love your dishes too. I'm wondering if you and safe from the fires. I'm in Carlsbad and hope you are okay.

Jane said...

Gil and Janie, I totally agree with your appreciation for Sophie's talent. She's pretty special.

Janie, we are currently OK. We have things packed up in the event we need to evacuate but that is unlikely. Thanks for asking.

Laurie said...

I, too am wondering if you are ok. I have been watching the news of the fire....sending prayers!

Jane said...

Thanks, Laurie--yes, we are OK. It's a little scary here, though. How's Torino? We will be there again next summer.

Barb Cabot said...

Dear Jane, Have had you in my thoughts since the weekend and esp. since the fires. Relieved to know for the time being you are not in danger. Keeping you in our prayers that you stay safe. Re: Sophie Rose's painting...it is so beautiful and personal on many levels. I'm sure it will make you happy every time you look at it. Such a wonderful reminder of Greve and your time in Italy. It was the nicest time on Saturday to meet both you and Ken. I look forward to another chance in the future to spend some time with you and to one day meet Casey. Stay well. God Bless!

Jane said...

Thanks, Barb. And....I hope we are able to get together in the future. I enjoyed meeting you two.

Jerry said...

Jane - both your dishes and your painting are amazing! Sophie is a very talented artist.

It was so wonderful to see you and Ken again last weekend.

Jane said...

Jerry, seeing you again was one of the weekend highlights and your jam is delicious--or was it Paul's?

Thanks for liking our newest addition. Maybe some day you will come and see the real thing.

Rita said...

Hi Jane,

Yes, I do know Sophie Rose. She has left her mark on so many restaurants in Greve.

And I love her choice for the name of her shop. L'INGANNO is the Italian word for a tarocchi (tarot) card which literally means a trick. When it comes up, you know you are going to be mystified.

What a beautiful trompe d'oeil she has done for you. She has captured your love for books, the beautiful dishes and added the Tuscan hint of fresh fruit. You are going to treasure it for years.


Eric Bauer said...

Hello Jane ...

I enjoyed reading your blog about your experience with Sophie Rose, so much so, that I am contacting you to request permission to use your comments in a public relations and marketing campaign that will benefit Sophie.

My name is Eric Bauer and my Ad Agency/PR Firm has a client company named Cypress Point Home - www.cypresspointhome.com - who is the exclusive distributor of Sophie Rose designs of lamps, tabletop accessories, accent furniture, screens, wall art and mirrors for North America. The company is launching, "A Touch of Tuscany - The Artistry of Sophie Rose" at the upcoming High Point, North Carolina furniture market in October.

I would like to send you an e-mail with an illustration of Sophie with our lamps and accent furniture as well as an e-mail from Sophie commenting on same if you would provide me with your e-mail address. You can visit my site at www.ericbauer.com and from the bottom of each page you can e-mail by clicking on the mailto: info@ericbauer.com

Jane, I look forward to hearing from you and want you to know that I think your comments are very special. Thank you for your consideration.

Eric Bauer
Eric Bauer Marketing LLC