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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Artist's Palette

Once upon a time, for six brief years, I lived in upstate New York (a quite different country than NYC-by the way.) As a grown up girl from Southern California, I was transported into a wonderful fairy land of exquisite, unbelievable color and seasons. Even today I am in awe of the spread of God's creation in that part of the land.

Etched into my eternal memory is that first October when we drove to the Adirondacks and I saw leaves in maybe thousands of shades of gold, yellow, bronze, orange and green. I remember thinking that if I had been looking at an artist's painting, I would wonder why she had created something so garish and unnatural. It was simply breathtaking.

Now, here in the Chianti, I am again drawn into this scene--not quite as majestic and overwhelming as that of the Adirondacks--but still wonderful and awesome. A simple drive down the Chiantigiana or further afield through Empoli and Vinci over to Pistoia or a drive to anywhere else is almost visually assaulting. I wonder who can doubt the creator when there are things like this to be seen. Something as impersonal and unfeeling as a "big bang" certainly could not create this beauty or offer such a gift.

So--here are some pictures--they don't do justice to the reality--I need a better camera for that. But, perhaps you can feel it anyway.

Along the Road--Any Road

Vines in Vinci

Red, White and Blue

Our Tree All Dressed Up

Our Tree--No Clothes Now
Look Closely for the One Leaf

Memories of Grapes
Now the Vines Begin to Sleep

And His Majesty, the Olive Tree,
Stands Sentry Over all

Now winter comes and we will wait for the buds of spring. I remember the thrill of newness and sense of hope when they appeared each year. I am sure it will be the same here in lovely Tuscany. But we have the this season to watch and feel (brrrrrrrr) and love and absorb. As with Spring, Summer and Fall, it, too, will supply us with memories and joy. Life is full.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post! Yes I agree with you completely!!! This beauty is not an accident. Maybe God designed the leaves to give one last show of beautiful colors to encourage and remind us that although the life is nearly over (for the leaf) the most beautiful part was at the end. It isn't very hard to feel appreciative and grateful when contemplating such beauty, even if it means the temperature will drop. Stay warm!