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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quick Note--Off to Italy--Soon!

Having managed to produce a state of perpetual fog and confusion to encompass an often feeble and addled brain, I have decided that it might unscramble things if I go to Italy and check out schools and properties. Actually--I decided this weeks ago but airfare was so costly and routing so inconvenient that it just didn't seem feasible--particularly since we already have arrangements to go in February.

And then--today I called a friend from Hawaii who is now in Italy just to talk (and to ask her to pick up some cheese for me since we will see her at the end of November.) By the end of the conversation, she had me convinced that there was no choice--I had to get to Italy--sad thought that might be. (I think she is just tired of hearing of my indecision and "what should I do" e-mails.)

Then serendipity--when I went to the UAL site, there was an incredible deal--all the way from San Diego to Florence for $569. Didn't take much brain power to snap at that--even though it means riding economy as the fare isn't upgradeable.

So--off I go, alone, October 26. Can't wait. 10 days to check properties and schools and see friends and eat. What fun! Now I just need to make all the arrangements with schools and agents in Cortona, Sarteano and the Siena area. And--as long as I am flying to Florence, might as well check out the International School and properties around there--which had been our original plan.

Maybe when I get back the location section, which has been sitting in draft form for days, will finally be finishable. That would be sooo sssooooooo nice!

Afterthought: My good friend talked me out of cheese from Italy. It seems that Costco has great parmisiano. And, believe me, gourmet Italyophile Ann knows. But--I will miss thinking "this is the real thing" and remembering the market from whence it came--somehow Costco doesn't breed nostalgia!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! To Italy so soon! I'm jealous...Are you going by yourself or taking the boyz too?

See you tomorrow,